How to Choose the Most Appropriate Website Developer for your Home Building Company


Are you a home builder? Are you looking to grow your market share? Have you strategised to increase your online presence? Well, based on this, I would like to advise you to visit another group of builders for some advice; Website builders. You will be amazed at the kind of similarities that exist between a home builder and a website developer. Your website, as a home builder, is one marketing tool that needs to be designed appropriately to reflect the kind of homes you are associated with, in your trade. In both cases, there is a need to have a super limitless imagination, conceptualisation ability, proper planning, dedicated implementation and obviously a pop for champagne at the end of a successful project. Now, as a home builder, what to do you look for in home improvement websites developer for your company’s site?

One fundamental thing to look at is the web developer’s DNA coupled with their experience. As a home building firm, you know what your vision and mission are and are well in tune with what people know you for. This is your DNA. In the same vein, you want to pick a website developer with an innate DNA similar to yours, as this fosters success. Here you are looking at issues of drive, determination, persistence, curiosity, time management and general culture. For instance, an excellent web developer who has worked with big multinationals will face particular challenges when they now work with a startup due to the difference in DNA at the two levels of the companies. So pick a web developer who you are in sync with and then look at the experience they bring to the table. This is vital too as you want someone who knows what they are doing and has experience dealing with homebuilding companies in the past.

Now, based on the above factor, I am confident that your list of web developers at will be immensely narrowed. However, even if you think you have your self the right developing firm, test them first using a small and non-critical project. There is no problem even if they charge you for it since all you are after is an assessment of their work and work ethic. Observe the web developer in action as this will provide additional information to work with past the technical interview. Consider the quality of work done, creativity, teamwork capacity and communication skills.

As a home builder, you know that aptitude is just as necessary as skill set. The reason for this is, with evolving technology, the rate of obsolescence of skills is quite high. So you need someone who adapts easily. The same reasoning should be put to use in your web developer search; aptitude over skills. In the tech space, skills can be out-phased as fast as one and a half years. So you need someone with the ability to adapt to new technologies just as first. Ask them about recently learned programming languages or tech conferences they have attended lately, to assess this parameter.

Finally, a quick piece of advice; always hire slowly but fire fast. Take time to consider all avenues before bringing in a web developer. However, if they underperform consistently and fail to produce the work you want, don’t keep them hanging around for too long. Their ineffectiveness can be very disruptive to your home building IT workforce and the whole website project, which apparently has a deadline. To get some facts about web design, go to


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